Duties of Volunteers/Members

  1. Active participation in RHEALYZ activities
  2. Attendance of RHEALYZ meetings {Physical or Online}
  3. Contribution to online discussion platforms.
  4. An ambassador or spokesperson for RHEALYZ at every available opportunity by projecting or upholding the image and principles of RHEALYZ towards building a better society.
  5. Committed to develop ideas, concepts and programs that will enhance the growth and fundraising strategies of RHEALYZ, by communicating such to the office.
  6. Maintaining decorum and decency during meetings and events.


RHEALYZ Membership Benefits

Every active volunteer/member will have access to the following;

  1. Free mentorship/career guidance support
  2. Periodic Capacity Building Workshop/Seminars
  3. Opportunity to be aware of events, scholarships, job opportunities and other life-changing activities
  4. Networking opportunities with professionals and notable VIPs both locally and internationally
  5. Skills development and community development engagements
  6. Enjoy occasional freebies or incentives from partners
  7. Free profiling of the month and periodical newsfeeds
  8. Socialization and interactions
  9. Notice of meeting
  10. Certification and Recommendation
  11. Ability to fulfill God’s purpose and affect lives positively


NB: A volunteer/member can lose their status if they are engaged in the following;

(i)       acts of gross misconduct

(ii)      acts incompatible with the aims and objectives of RHEALYZ GREEN NETWORK.

(iii)     anti RHEALYZ activities

(iv)     acts of dishonour or impropriety

(v)    unpatriotic comment on via various channels like the social media that can affect negatively the  culture, religion, tribe, unity, personality e.t.c

PLEASE NOTE THAT in ensuring fair hearing, all persons affected will be given a notice indicating the organization’s intention to remove or sanction him or her and directed to give reason why he or she should not be removed or sanctioned within 3 working days. The person affected will be under suspension during that period unless otherwise granted by the Program Director/Team leader after wide consultation.