This is an environmental consciousness educational project that seeks to create awareness on the importance of the environment and agriculture to young minds thereby building an environment friendly learning environment. We organize capacity building sessions (workshops on energy saving culture, gardening basics, landscaping, waste management, recycling, youth in Agric and project management techniques) and post training project delivery. The Rhealyz Green School manual acts as a guide to the capacity building process. We also have a post event monitoring and evaluation mechanism.

We have been able to engage over 21 Secondary schools and we have been able to reach over 20,500 students in the area of advocacy and implemented projects with 5100 students over the span of Six years.
We have also embarked on a strategic ‘House to House’ Tree-Planting exercise in various communities to build the culture of green communities for sustainable environmental development. Some of the communities we have touched are; Aaye, Ita Oniyan, Iloro community in Igbaraoke and lots more. We have also embarked on various advocacy measures using our media platforms to encourage communities adopt tree planting and sustenance practices.

We have planted over 10,000 trees, 30,000 flowers and 4,000 shrubs/plants in over 100 rural and urban communities.

We have partnered with private, public and international organizations like State Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and Education, NYSC MDGs project, Green Impact, Lifewind International, Public/Private schools and lots more.

We intend to start a permaculture/nature development project soon with some of our international partners in some selected primary and secondary schools

Some Project briefs