Overall Benefits

  • Fulfillment
  • Life-long Impact
  • An opportunity to affect lives positively and put a smile on faces
  • A fruitful lifetime investment
  • We acknowledge and celebrate all our supporters/sponsors/partners and also respect your privacy when requested
  • God’s unending blessings


Organizational Sponsorship/Partnership

As a sponsor/partner, it will afford you immense opportunities to project your corporate image.

Our programs/events will also provide an avenue for your products and services to be projected to our teeming audience/beneficiaries across Nigeria and abroad via our broad Internet live stream, social media platforms and other media platforms, thereby creating extensive mileage for you as a sponsor.

Below here are our proposed benefits dependent on your support value which includes:

  1. Company identity on Volunteer ads, location ads as well as thank you ads in prints and digital media
  2. Up to N1,000,000 in advertising value
  3. Representation of your organization’s identity on the Main stage signage for our event
  4. Exhibition booth space
  5. VIP reserved seats for event sponsors
  6. Advertisement for your business during the program/event plus inclusion of your organization’s logo on all event printed promotional materials
  7. Inclusion in all radio public service announcements, press releases, website announcements, emails, social media postings and Electronic TV live stream channel with about 3, 000,000 global view
  8. Organization’s representative to come in as guest to give goodwill message