This is a platform where we can reach out to millions of youths through the most

visited medium which is “the internet”. There is a need to create positive mindsets and mind

revolution in our youths that will fuel positive change and enhance societal development. We

intend to network with content providers from within and outside the African continent.


[A] The Blog ( )

It is determined to Re-write the African story positively starting from the Nigerian perspective, through the following key areas.


  1. INNOVATION: Health, Technology/ICT, Business Insights, and Education.
  2. INSPIRATIONAL: Inspirational write-ups/articles, Biographies, heart to heart talk and motivating icon interviews/showcase.
  3. ENTERTAINMENT: Fashion, Trends, Celebrity Interviews/showcase and Reviews (Book, Music, and video).
  4. CREATIVITY: Poems, Graphics/Creative designs, Art works, photographic expressions, travels, and culture etc
  5. SPORTS: Football, Basketball, track and field games, showcase etc.
  6. OPPORTUNITIES: Training, seminars, Workshops, conferences, grants, scholarships, capacity building etc.



Our aim is to achieve the following objectives using the key areas listed above. They are:

  1. To create a positive outlook towards education and Redefine entertainment through the positive blend of Innovation, creativity, entertainment, sports, and lots more.
  2. To enlighten and re-orientate the mindset of the African youth about purposeful leadership and patriotism, thereby creating the culture of social responsibility and community-based transformation.
  3. To encourage and act as a sustainable knowledge exchange linkage between youths from several parts of the African continent, and also Help the Young Africans harness efficiently their God-given talents and skills towards positive and productive entrepreneurial development.
  4. Creating a sound African network, to serve as a means of effectively disseminating the benefits and the use of Information and Communications Technology {ICT}.
  5. Rewarding Africans in diverse achievements especially the youths
  6. To make Africa great again starting from host countries


We have some committed writers at the moment but we want to enrich the content of the blog by getting more verse and creative writers. This will give us the opportunity to create more awareness about the blog so as to affect more lives positively.


[B] Social media platforms (Instagram [@rgnconnect], Facebook [@RGN Connects] etc) are meant to develop advocacy messages and short videos ( abuse, social responsibility, peer influence etc) with catchy designs which are targetted towards young people.

We have a good followership of young people and good feedbacks on our various social media platforms.

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