Get Bethel and Alimatu to stay in school and other girls back to school.

The kit a child project was set up to equip the African/Nigerian child with at least one educational material (exercise books, text books, writing materials, school sandals, e.t.c) as well as improving their literacy skills ( book reading exercises and e-learning) , health education ( hand washing and dental hygiene) , nature education ( permaculture and school gardening) , creative thinking (early vocational skills)

Over 1500 bags have been distributed in the last 3 years to indigent and underprivileged children in the society and over 6000 kids have been reached with literacy support programs, donations and scholarship awards. We motivate more than 10,000 youths to be part of this great cause and be a positive agent in the society.

We have reached out to various communities such as Little-saints Orphanage Lagos, Children in Makoko Lagos (Partnership with CEE-Hope), Ondo State Special Primary School Oba-Ile, LA Primary School Oda, to mention but a few with our donations and empowerment programs. We have also strategized further in adopting some schools as a sustainable measure.

In other to address the high rate of school dropout especially in rural communities due to inability to sponsor a child to school, we are designing an agricultural communication/extension approach to empower the parents who are mostly farmers by enhancing their agricultural practices with innovation and strategies from a local point of view.

Our weekly radio program tagged ‘Our World’ is another avenue to educate the populace about issues affecting children in their communities, for example, child sexual abuse, trafficking, health issues, etc.


It has been found that several factors affect child learning amongst which the availability of educational materials which we call a ‘Kit’ cannot be over emphasized. In Nigeria owing to factors such as poverty, hunger and insecurity so many of our children go to school without learning materials. This makes quality education a nightmare and inaccessible to our promising children that can shape our world positively.

To confirm this, our team has been going around visiting schools especially the ones in very interior locations on one of the most recent visits made on 17th July 2017 to a school located in Oda farm settlement in Ondo state, out of the entire population of 325 pupils, only very few could afford school sandals, let alone other basic materials such as books and stationeries. These are children with great dreams and visions, but their only plea is for our support in meeting their life saving needs especially about their educational material needs to keep them in school.

This is confirmed by the education ministry’s permanent secretary Adamu Hussaini said it was “sad to note” that Nigeria had 10.5 million children out of school. This is a wake-up call to come to the rescue of the future of our dear nation because the more out of school children we have the more we increase our insecurity index.

We are determined to ensure that every child we come across have access to quality education.  The project is geared towards meeting the educational needs of children in orphanages, children from disadvantaged homes, poor backgrounds and farmer from rural areas by kitting them with school bags, writing materials, educative story books and other learning materials.

Our online reports of our previous projects

RHEALYZ GREEN NETWORK KIT UP AKURE VILLAGE SCHOOL – Novemeber/December 2017   (Nation Newspaper)  ( The Post Newspaper)‎  ( City Voice)  ( Gong News)

Our Video Reports

Some of our previous projects

Kit a child outreach at Aaye (Oct. 2015): The team reached out to St. Luke Anglican Primary School Aaye. Materials were given to the school children in primary 5 and primary 6 respectively and these materials ranges from our customized school bags, literature textbooks, exercise books, biros, pencils, erasers, and rulers. Refreshments (drinks) was provided by our partner Ribena for the children. Pictures and video coverage of the event is under production.

A Day of Impact ( Feb. 2016) – is a reach out strategy of Kit a Child project which is poised towards celebrating an individual’s special day by giving back to the society via the kit a child project through the distribution of educative story books, writing materials, and school bags. February month Day of Impact was at Alagbaka Estate primary Akure, where we reached out to 160 pupils from primary three to primary five with the distribution of educative story books, exercise books and writing materials. School bags were distributed to indigent pupils. The pupils were educated on proper and good hygiene and volunteers were allocated to assist them in a reading exercise

Kit a Child children day outing in Lagos (May 2016) – Rhealyz Naija partnered with Cee – Hope team members were on ground to organize and arrange the venue for the programme. We educated them on hand washing and Oral Hygiene. The hand washing session was focused on the when and how to wash their hands with clear practical. The oral hygiene session gave the children the opportunity to practical’s how to wash their teeth properly took the children on some literacy exercises like matching alphabets with words, spelling competition and ways they can develop their reading skills. We distributed school bags, writing materials, educative story books, toothbrush to the children present.