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Rhealyz Green Network

#RhealyzNaija #KitaChild

We are determined to make every African child we come across enjoy sustainable living.
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Rhealyz Green Project

…..inculcating the green culture and building sustainable environment

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Girls CAP training

Girls' CAP

Empowering Girls

join us as we lend our helping hands to change lives! We Can Do It Right!

Welcome to a community where we network, learn and share together .It’s about ideas and proffering solutions to challenging issues in our community. We can do it right.

our mission

Raising a community of people who are optimistic about a better society, by helping them develop positive mindsets in order to make an impact in their communities. We are focused on helping individuals, families and organizations in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. We are passionate about making a difference in various communities by various volunteering programmers’.

our Journey so far

“Over 1500 bags have been distributed in the last 3 years and over 6000 kids have been reached with learning materials and literacy support. Reached over 30 Secondary schools and trained over 400 secondary school leaders in the last 3 years. We’ve had between 63% to 78% feedbacks on all our various media advocacy programs. Reach an average of 13000 youths per year over the span of four years. ”

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We are developing and Current working Projects

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